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About Paloma Stone Ceramic Guitar Slides and Tone Bars

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Hello! And thanks for checking out my ceramic guitar slide web site!

I've been playing music since the 60's and have always been aware of the never-ending quest for "tone", No matter what instrument you play, eventually you're gonna be lookin' for that ever-elusive "tone" that satisfies you most and comes to define your sound as uniquely yours to others.

Some guitar players find it early on and stick with it, while others continue their search... changing strings, guitars, amps, pick-ups, switches, speakers... whatever it takes to get that "tone" we want and need to hear.  In addition, many of us want to have an arsenal of tones available to us... the right "tone" for whatever the composition/performance calls for.

My wife and I have a combined 60 years experience making museum quality, hand-made, high-fire, functional and decorative stoneware.  I know what it takes to make a very high quality ceramic product... excellent materials and master craftsmanship.  I am proud to say that my slides are entirely hand-made with our high-fire stoneware clay body and hand-glazed using my own glaze formulas.  I make them here in our pottery studio in Woodland, Washington.

Unlike my competitors, I make no "hocus-pokus" claims about different glazes and clay bodies and how they might effect the"tone".  I will state that I was the first to make slides and tone bars with a high-fire stoneware clay body and a tough, durable glazed surface that won't ever be damaged by string contact.  The bottleneck slide and tone bar body is very dense, strong, and light-weight... and according to focus group testing and players' opinions... resonates nicely in the hand and most importantly... has its own unique "tone"!  Not like metal, not like glass, not like other ceramic slides... Paloma Stone Slides have a clear, warm, organic tone with exceptional sustain.

As they say, "the proof of the pudding is in the eating"...  so go ahead and have a taste of the clear, organic "tone" of a Paloma Stone Slide... your search for another "tone" may have just ended.  I make the slides and bars the players want to play.

Slide on,

Jay Seibert